Green Money for Network Operators

pictureGreen Money provides the solution to network operators’ greatest challenge i.e., is to arrest churn ever increasing subscriber churn. Existing MFS (Mobile Financial Services) solutions fail to offer the persuasive customer value which induces them to use and retain the operator’s SIM in their hand sets.

By empowering the customers to fulfill all their financial and commercial needs (not only money transfer), Green Money ensures the continuation of use of Green Money Operator’s network by transforming their ‘SIMs’ into their bank accounts (Not Just Wallets). With access to complete range of financial services, it also ensures increase in customer base and boost up ARPU (Average Revenue per User) by making the services affordable.

Unlike other Mobile Financial Services (MFS) gateways, Green Money does not impose a tariff structure on customers, rather follows a flexible approach to service pricing, according to the affordability and acceptability of the consumers.
It also expands the sales network of the operator without additional costs and increases accessibility to the operator’s products.

How will you customers benefit from Green Money?

  • Easy to use even for people with literary challenges
  • All payments e.g.  grocery, taxi fare, school fee, utilities, mobile top-ups, mobile bill payments made with convenience through mobile handsets
  • Remittance to family and friends both domestic and international
  • Works on every handset, smart or not smart
  • Affordable transaction costs
  • Convenient reporting over mobile or through Green Money Web Care Platform
  • Safety with convenience 

How does a Merchant benefit from Green Money

  • Income augmentation through provision of Green Money service features to their customers
  • Improved sales collection using mobile handsets or Point of sales machine, as is affordable
  • Efficient collection and cash management
  • Daily collection reports
  • MIS reports through Green Money Web Care platform  .

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