Introduction to Green Money

GMGreen Money is a comprehensive Mobile/Branchless Banking/Financial Services gateway, designed to include every financial transaction occurring in the market place. It follows an all inclusive approach to services which address the needs and aspirations of every person.

It enables all payments through mobile phones using secured gateway including mobile commerce, fund transfers, utility payments, mobile payments in an efficient and cost effective way making mobile services affordable and convenient to use.

Business Model

Green Money Business model uses the existing commercial value chains at the Core of the Application. It builds on established relationships between customers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufactures, and creating partnerships with structured financial undertakings of Banks, Transfer Agents, and Telecom Operators. This ensures 100% inclusion of all segments of economy and creates a complete mobile financial ecosystem which adds efficiency to the strength of existing relationships. It creates an opportunity for the unbanked to participate in the formal economy and helps the formal businesses to create new channels for expanding their activities. It also significantly reduces the costs of deploying Agent Networks currently adopted for all Mobile Financial Services/ Branchless Banking models.

In "Green Money Business Model" the role of agent (as practiced in traditional models) is spread across tiers of existing business chains. In Agent based models, the single most significant cost for the Agents is transportation required to rebalance their. As Green Money builds upon existing commercial relationships, therefore no additional transportation cost is incurred for rebalancing of Merchant liquidity. Merchant liquidity is also supported by their collection for sales of Goods and Services. For the Merchants, it translates into additional income without additional costs and for the Green Money operator it means speedy access to market and reduced costs of deployment. 

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Green Money Modules

Basic Module includes

  • Green Money Accounts creation and maintenance
  • Cash Deposits
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Balance Checks
  • Mini Mobile Statement
  • Account Management
  • PIN Creation and Management


Funds Transfer Module includes

  • Inland Money Transfers
    • Green Money Account to Green Money Account
    • Green Money Account to persons not having Green Money account
    • Non Green Money Account Holders to Non Green Money Account Holders
  • International Transfers

M-Commerce Module includes

  • Creation and maintenance of merchant and non-merchant accounts
  • Payments for Goods and services
    • Using mobile handsets
    • Using Point of Sales machines
  • Collection management and MIS reports through Merchant Web Care Platform
  • Green Money agency services, settlements  and commission management

Utility and Mobile Payments Module includes
Utility bill payments, mobile top-ups and mobile bill payments

  • By Green Money Account Holders
  • By Non-Green Money Account Holders

Bank Transfers Module includes

  • From on Green Money Account to
    • User designated bank account
    • Third Party Bank Account
  • From Bank Account
    • Bank’s customer’s Green Money Account
    • Third Party Bank Account

Agent Module (Optional, if M-Commerce is not opted)

  • Creation and maintenance of Agent Accounts
  • Agent service configuration
  • Agent account settlement and commission structure, configuration and management

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Product Features

  • Works on any handset
  • Flexible pricing structure affordable to the consumers
  • KYC (know your customer) Anti Money Laundering and Anti Terrorist Financing compliance
  • Transaction and account limit compliance
  • Flexible and efficient commission structure and management
  • Multiple tax handling including tax on taxes (surcharges) and withholding
  • Customer Web Care platform
  • Enhanced security through encryption
  • Multicurrency and multi-language support
  • Integration with any third party application and platforms

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How is Green money different?

What makes Green Money different from others is its "Merchant Centric” business model which reduces costs and quickly reaches out to every segment of economy, against an Agent focused product that increases the cost and requires significant time in developing an agent network. It is a revolutionary approach to mobile financial services with emphasis on C2B, B2B and B2C payments as against C2C and C2B models currently burgeoning in mobile financial services deployments.


How Green money is different

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