Green Money for Financial Institutions

pictureGreen Money revolutionizes the concept of “Banking the unbanked”, by taking it out of the myth of money transfer into realm of consumer banking. Green Money banking application provides banks a unique opportunity to reach out to all demographics of customers with complete consumer banking services at lowest costs and affordable tariff structures. Instead of directing scarce resources on developing Mobile Money Agents, Green Money builds upon existing commercial value chains well established in every economy. 

Expand your banking base with Green Money
Green Money “Merchant Centric Model” allows the bank to create a complete Mobile Financial ECO- System encompassing business from street vendors to large corporate businesses.  This allows the bank to draw the large sums into the banking system which are otherwise revolving unbanked in the economy. Unlike typical mobile banking applications where the money enters from the customer end and is withdrawn from the system at the other, Green Money allows the money to stay in the system and change hands.

It also provides banks with unique opportunity to develop innovative products based on accurate financial profiling of the customers which exactly address the needs of every niche of customer base.

Financially Empower your customer

Green Money works on any mobile handset in a user friendly way even those who are the literary challenged.   It financially empowers Green Money Subscribers by bring them in better control of their finances, financial convenience and excess to financial products and services cut out according to their “NEEDS” rather than imposing an alien financial framework upon them. 

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